Getting Married in Barbados? What you need to Know

Legally Speaking - What you need to know.

Any excited couple can get married immediately upon arrival on the island! Simply make note of the following requirements:

wedding registry Fotolia 49045078 XS1. The bride and groom to be must travel together to the Ministry of Home Affairs in Bridgetown to submit a formal application for marriage.
2. Those not marrying for the first time must provide proof of divorce. Note: A Decree Nisi will not be accepted.

3. Widows or widowers must present the death certificate of the deceased spouse.4. Photo IDs (passport) or certified birth certificates must be presented and a notarized copy of each document left behind in the country.5. You will be required to bring a letter from the marriage officer (Magistrate or certified priest to perform the ceremony) in order to apply.6. The license fee is roughly $113 BDS payable in cash.

7. If married by the court the court fee is roughly $125 BBD payable in cash.

8. If married by an officer (magistrate or certified priest )off site their fee is roughly $350 BBD for payable in cash.


Note: That documents in any language other than English must be accompanied by a certified translation.