Barbados Airport - Grantley Adams International


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At the Airport

 Barbados has one airport: the Grantley Adams International (BGI) located on the southeast of the island, about 13km (8 miles) from Bridgetown (the capital city). Grantley Adams has a modern feel and ‘The World Travel Awards’ has voted it as the “Caribbean's Leading Airport" on three occasions. Additionally, in 2010, the Airport Council International (ACI) recognised the airport as one of the best facilities in the region for service excellence. Click on the tabs below to learn more about the services this airport offers.

          When booking your ticket, passengers seated on the left of the plane will be delighted to get a bird’s eye view of the island's west coast before landing:

Immigration & Passports: All individuals (Except Caricom Nationals), including all North American citizens (Americans and Canadians), must be in possession of a valid passport and a valid return ticket to enter Barbados.

Barbados Visas: Barbados Visas are required for citizens travelling from the following countries. Visa applications cost $104 US (for a single entry), have to be completed in duplicate, and must be accompanied by one (1) passport size photograph. A multiple entry visa is $208 US. Application forms are accessible at any of Barbados Consulate, Barbados Tourism Authority or Missions overseas. Contact your nearest Barbados Tourism Authority Office for application forms and other requirements.                      

Baggage Claim: Collect your baggage or utilize a porter to assist you with your bags, decide on a price and off you go.

Leaving the Airport: Just outside Barbados you can either catch a taxi, bus or rent a car and you will be at the hotel in a jiffy. The general taxi rates are posted just outside customs for your convenience or you can follow the link below.



Apparel and Fashion Accessories

    • Bijoux Terner: Bijoux Terner provides all Fashion & Accessories in store for US $10. Tel: (1 246) 428-0923 or 420-4423 
    • Runway Fashion: Clothing. Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 Ext. 4475
    • Dollhouse Creations.
    • Caribbean Kidz: Tel: (1 246) 418-0269

Beauty and Skin Care

    • Earth Mother Botanicals: Earth Mother Botanicals offers simply natural, locally produced soaps and other skin care products from local plants and other indigenous plants. Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 Ext. 4470 
    • Runway Beauty: For Runway style. Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 Ext. 4470 . 

Books, Magazines, Newspapers, and Music

    • Biway Books and Music: For Books, Music News & More Tel: (1 246) 418-0532 .

Car Rental

    • Courtesy Rent-A-Car: Providing car rental services in Barbados since 1975. Tel: (1 246) 418-2500
    • Stoute's Care Rental: Simple & easy car rentals. Tel: (1 246) 420-2926 or 418-0805
    • Drive-A-Matic: One of the islands premier car rental agencies. Tel: (1 246) 422-3000 Toll Free: 1 800 581 8773

Convenience Stores

    • Sea Shell Convenience Store: Everything you need in one place. Tel: (1 246) 418-9020. 

Fine Jewellery

    • Colombian Emeralds: Offering fine jewellery and designer watches. Tel: (1 246) 420-7190 or 428-7101 Ext. 4721
    • Diamonds International. The largest fine jewellery and watch retailer in the Caribbean. Tel: (1 246) 418-2300 or 418-2301.

Food and Beverage

    • Chefette Restaurants Ltd: Chefette Restaurants first established in 1972 is the largest indigenous restaurant chain in Barbados. Tel: (1 246) 418-8770 or 418-8771
    • Banks Bar:  Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 Ext.4613
    • Island Grill: Tel: (1 246) 420-9011 
    • Good Eats: Tel: (1 246) 428-6540 or (1 246) 428-7101 Ext. 4446
    • Grab ‘N’ Go: Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 Ext. 4606/4634/4622
    • Cream: Tel: (1 246) 428-6540 or 428-7101 Ext.4446 
    • Gate Zero Bar: Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 Ext.4653 
    • Christophe’s Café: Tel: (1 246) 420-6021 or 428-7101 Ext.4444 .

Liquor and Tobacco

    • Barbados Agricultural Development & Marketing Corporation (BADMC): Tel: (1 246) 420-7062
    • Cave Shepherd (Arrivals Terminal Only): This is your first chance to purchase liquor duty-free on island and enjoy it during your stay! Tel: (1 246) 420-2536 
    • Runway Duty Free: Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 Ext. 4471 
    • The Refinery Limited: Tel: (1 246) 420-0284

Souvenirs & Local Craft

    • Best of Barbados: A Large selection of quality art, crafts & souvenirs, made in Barbados. Tel: (1 246) 420-4209 
    • Ganzee: Tel: (1 246) 418-4197 or 428-7101 Ext.4197
    • Cricket Legends of Barbados: Offers duty-free cricket and sports gifts. Tel: (1 246) 420-326

VIP Lounges

    • Airline Executive Lounge: Tel: (1 246) 418-9778 or 420-3252 or 420-2263

Other Services

    • Soothing Touch Da Spa: Tel: (1 246) 428-8112

         Be sure to stop at the in-bound duty free shops as this is the only point on island where you can buy duty free liquor to take into the island, but other duty free delights such as perfumes, chocolates, etc. are also available. You can enter the island with roughly 1.75 litres of alcohol. Notably there are several items which travellers are prohibited from bringing into the island. The allowances and prohibitions are outlined below.

Barbados Duty Free Allowances

Allowances: General duty free allowances in Barbados.

Personal Effects: Personal effects are passengers' baggage containing apparel and articles for personal use which a traveler may reasonably require during his vacation e.g. clothing, cosmetics and accessories. In your personal effects you are allowed 1 litre of potable spirits or wine. All articles in excess of this exemption are subject to the relevant duty and tax.

Alcohol Allowances

You can bring in either, but not both, of the following:
  • 1 litre of spirits or strong liqueurs over 22% volume
  • 2 litres of fortified wine (such as port or sherry), sparkling wine or any other alcoholic drink that's less than 22% volume.

Restricted and Prohibited Items

The importation of several items is restricted in Barbados including pornography, camouflage, harmful chemicals and illegal drugs. If these items are found, persons can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Additionally items such as fruits and vegetables, plants, cuttings, seeds, unprocessed plant products, and some fresh fruits are also prohibited, requiring an import permit and a photosanitary certificate from the plant quarantine section of the Ministry of Agriculture before arrival. Simply email them at for more information.

Departing the Island

The airport drop off zone is right next to the ticketing counters. Check in is usually two hours before the flight and there are several outbound duty free shops and restaurants to choose from upon arrival.

Departure Tax

When it is time for you to leave the island, the Departure tax will be $55.00 BDS CASH (no credit cards are accepted). Check on The Status of your Flight to Grantley Adams International Barbados (BGI).

Airport Facilities

  1. Money Exchange/Cambios. Open 5:00am to 9:00pm daily (Departure Lounge) and 6:30am to 9:30pm daily (Arrivals Terminal)
  2. Wheelchair Service & Facilities for the Disabled
  3. Post Office
  4. Ambulance Centre
  5. ATMs
  6. Porter Services (Red Caps)
  7. Immigration:  A valid passport and a valid return ticket are now mandatory to enter Barbados.
  8. Civil Aviation Department. Tel: (1 246) 428-0930
  9. Environmental and Port Health. Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 ext 4642 / Ramp Office Ext 4643
  10. Ministry of Agriculture (Plant and Animal Quarantine) Tel: (1 246) 428-7101 Ext 4649
  11. Meteorological Office. Tel: (1 246) 428-9834
  12. Airport Police Station. Tel: (1 246) 418-2649

For a list of things you are never allowed to take on board the plane click below: