Articles from around the world - Top 5 Beaches in Bim


The top 5 beaches in Barbados, according to, are:

1 Bottom Bay
2 Crane Beach
3 Sandy Lane Beach
4 Carlisle Bay
5 Mullins Beach

However, a survey of our readers favourite beaches gave us a different result.

1 Brownes Beach
2 Miami Beach
3 Pebbles
4 Mullins
5 Bottom Bay

Why do you think there is this difference?

Maybe 'A Luxury Travel Blog's beaches take into account the seclusion and number of people on the beach, maybe it is mainly focused on ambiance. On the other hand, our reader may just be accustomed to one beach in particular, making it their favourite. Whatever it may be, the fact remains that Barbados has a number of beautiful beaches to choose from. On your next visit, be sure to explore our beaches. 
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Bottom Bay   Brownes Beach