This Month in History: May

May 14th 1625

Captain John Powell landed on Barbados and proceeded to claim the island for Barbados.

May 1675

First Slave Rebellion in Barbados


The St. Michael Girls School is opened

May 31st 1960

The West Indies Federation collapses and Barbados returns to self-governance

May 18th 1967

Sir Winston Scott appointed as Governor General of the island, the first native Barbadian to be so appointed

May 1st 1968

The Caribbean Free Trade Association (CARIFTA) was established. Antigua, Barbados, Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago were the founding members.

May 2nd 1972

The Central Bank established via an Act by Parliament

May 25th 1986

DLP won 24 out of 27 seats in the general election. Errol Barrow returned to office as Prime Minister

May 21st 2003

BLP wins 23 out of 30 seats, allowing Owen Arthur to return for a third successive term as Prime Minister