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gale theatreopening-night-company-k-halThe Gale Theatre of Barbados and London creates popular, stunning and entertaining, seasonal, theatrical performances on the shores of Barbados.


The non-profit, charitable organization was founded in 2007 by Melissa Simmonds and allows rich Caribbean talent to merge with UK expertise to create exceptional, high-quality works.  The team also includes Barbadian Peter Lewis (company Director) from Field Tech Staging Solutions Inc and British actor Paul McGann. All work is developed, rehearsed and produced in Barbados.


2013 Gale Theatre Season

2012 Gale Theatre Season



Gale Theatre will be expanding into film development/production

A collaboration of Barbadian and British expertise will adapt Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream" into "A Caribbean Dream".  There is no other information available about the 2015 season.

The 2013 SEASON


“The Mountain Top”


Always a highly anticipated event, this year April 11th – 20th, the Gale Theatre of Barbados and London present The Mountain Top, a play by Katori Hall. This Olivier award winning, historical, play set on Dr. Martin Luther King's, last night on earth is said to be
"Wondrous, hilarious, and heartbreaking." Independent

The Plot: The entire play is set in the Lorraine hotel room, the evening before his assassination. King is alone, trying to create yet another powerful speech. When he orders a cup of coffee from room service, a mysterious woman arrives, bringing much more than a late-night beverage. What follows is a reflective, often funny, often touching conversation in which Dr. King examines his achievements, his failures, and his unfinished dreams.

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VENUE: The Frank Collymore Hall, Spry Street, Bridgetown @ 7:30 pm


              Saturday April 2013 11th & 13th @ BDS $40


            BARP Offer - One night ONLY - April 11th @ $30

            Saturday April 2013 18th & 19th @ BDS $50


          Saturday April 20th 2013 - Gala Night @ BDS $60 (includes a complimentary drink)
Box Office: Super Centre Supermarkets – Sunset Crest, Warrens, Oistins & Big B and CS Pharmacy, Bridgetown.

The 2012 SEASON


The Lover, Pinter & The Piano”: From the producers of The Memory of Water, Gale Theatre of Barbados and London.


The Gale Theatres 4th production is set to be another fantastic work re- created for the Caribbean, this time it is a tribute to the Nobel Prize winning, playwright Harold Pinter: theatre, poetry and song.


The Plot:

Ever wondered what your spouse gets up to after you’ve left for work? Find out in Harold Pinter’s intriguing one act comedy re imagined for the Caribbean.


An ordinary couple playing extraordinary games...


'The Lover' by Harold Pinter will be followed by a short celebration of Pinter’s poetry and by award winning jazz singer and pianist Miss Liane Carroll, arriving directly from Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in London. Liane will be joined by special Barbadian guests, Ebe Gilkes and Carole George.


Directed by: Hanna Berrigan and produced by Melissa Simmonds.


Venue: The Frank Collymore Hall, Spry Street, Bridgetown @ 7 pm


             Saturday April 14th 2012 @ BDS $65  or $60 (BARP)
           Sunday April 15th 2012 @ BDS $65  or $60 (BARP)
Saturday April 21st 2012 @ BDS $65  or $60 (BARP)
Sunday April 22nd 2012 @ BDS $65  or $60 (BARP)

Box Offices: Super Centre Supermarkets – Sunset Crest, Warrens, Oistins & Big B and CS Pharmacy, Bridgetown, Cave Shepherd, Broad Street.

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