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Officially opened on April 21, 2007, this hi-tech museum highlights the technological wonder of British Airways Concorde G-BOAE aka "Alpha Echo", which once flew to the Barbados airport weekly during the winter season. The museum was created to provide insight into the Concorde experience, and provide little known facts about flying and aircrafts. Get your airline ticket to this hi-tech tour, which includes: history, multimedia, motion activated guides, a taste of luxury, and interactivity.

concorde small Guests watching Engineered for Speed copy1. The Concorde first passed the sound barrier in 1947.
2. Concorde carried its first supersonic passenger in 1976.

2. Concorde had four regular destinations:  London, Paris, New York and Barbados.

3. In 1977 the Concorde first arrived in Barbados to take Her Majesty the Queen back to England.

4. Concorde held the record for fastest time to cross the Atlantic.

This amazing and graceful wonder was once capable of travelling at twice the speed of sound concorde(Mack 2.00 - the equivalent to 1380 m.p.h. or 23 miles per minute). To put this in context, as Barbados is approximately 21 miles long, the Concorde could pass the length of Barbados in less than one minute. Now that is speed! 

The Concorde Experience  - 11 Fantastic Zones
Zone 1 & 2
Before you enter the facility, learn about the pre-history of flight, the first attempts at flight, and how it has developed into the aviation that we know today. Then, hear where the concept of supersonic flight came from and how the Concorde was developed.

Zone 3
A multimedia presentation to dazzle your senses and reveal the engineering wonders that allowed Concorde to fly at Mach 2 in such style and comfort.concorde small Timeline of Aviation copy

Zone 4 & 5
Await your opportunity to board the "Alpha Echo", relax in a luxurious departure lounge, styled after the famous Concorde Room at London Heathrow airport, then board the incredible aircraft and walk the red carpet for your tour through "Alpha-Echo". The interior experience will recreate the highlights of a very unique flight that the world will never again have the opportunity to experience.

Zone 6
Aviation in Barbados dates back to the first flight from the Garrison Savannah in 1913. See how aviation in Barbados has changed over the last 94 years.

Zone 7
The interactive zone - Get your game on, using their gaming systems - A treat for kids and adults. 

Zone 9, 10 & 11
Motion activated "engineers" will point out the areas checked whilst Concorde is on the tarmac and they will explain some of Concorde's unique features. Then head over to the observation deck to view the aircraft and other activities at the Grantley Adams International Airport from above. Lastly, before you go, don't forget to get a souvenir of your fantastic Concorde experience.

Have you visited the Concorde Experience or travelled on the Concorde? Share Your experience with us.

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