Sugar Production in Barbados 2016

cane cuttingFrom as far back as the 1600s, sugar production has played an important role in the Barbados economy. Sugar, or white gold as it was coined, was the saving grace after the failure of the tabacco industry here on the island. The soil composition and the low costs made it ideal for sugar cane. As one can imagine, this white gold brought great wealth to plantation owners, as well as the island on a whole.

With the rising costs, the deminishing labour fource and and a drop in price on the international market, it is no wonder that sugar production on the island is on the decline. Factories across the island dwindled from 10 in the 1800s to a mere 2 in the 1900s - Portvale and Andrews Sugar Factory.

The Barbados Agricultural Management Company (BAMC) is charged with management of the sugar industry. Grinding canes and refining the sugar as well as the sale of the final product falls under their care. Their aim is to revitilize the industry. Firstly, they have moved to a mechanised process which helps to improve efficiency as well as decrease the reliance on labour. The company is also introducing specialty products, paying greater emphasis on sugar byproducts than was done in past years. 

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