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Red Plastic Bag aka ‘RPB’ or merely ‘Bag’ (real name Stedson Wiltshire) is a calypsonian from Barbados. He has won the Barbadian calypso monarch competition several times. Hailing from the eastern, rural Barbadian parish of St. Philip, RPB became one of few performers from that region in the island to make it. He carries a large support group of fans that show up to cheer him on from “Stand C” when he performs against other calypsonians at the national stadium.


Red Plastic Bag began performing in 1979. He combined the sounds of reggae and soca, and has become one of the most popular performers in Barbados and throughout the Caribbean. His biggest hit, “Ragga Ragga”, has been recorded in seven different languages.


As the results of the Finals of Barbados’ Pic o’ de Crop Competition were read in the early morning of the 3rd of August 2007, RPB became the island’s calypso king for a record 8 times, after a two year hiatus, and pledged to defend his title the following year.

In 2011, Bag won the title of Sweet Soca Monarch with his song "Once Upon A Wine", a commentary on how Caribbean music and dance has evolved over time.

In 2012, Red Plastic Bag won the Pic-o-de-Crop finals for the 10th time singing "I Thank You Calypso", a tribute to his 30th year in the artform as well as "The Royal Visit".


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