Museums - Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum

In the Scotland District lies a gem in the form of Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum. Sitting on 200 acres, the museum once housed the manager of Springvale Plantation but now showcases Barbadian artifacts. These artifacts offer a glimpse of life in Barbados in the bygone days. The aim of the owners, Newlands and Denise Greenidge, was to preserve Barbadian heritage focusing on the period emancipation to the 1930s.
The museum encompasses folk heritage as well as the natural environment. Being located amidst lush, tropical forests, nature walks are available. There is also a library where you may learn more about Barbados as well as an artist’s studio and gallery where you can appreciate local talent. Immerse yourself in Barbadian history, appreciate Barbadian creativity and enjoy the tranquility of nature. All these and more are possible on your visit to Springvale Eco-Heritage Museum.

OPEN: Monday to Saturday: 10am – 3pm (Sundays by appointment only)
Admission: BDS $10.00 / $5.00

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