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Soka Kartel was formed in 2010 and after their first official meeting one Sunday afternoon in March of that year decided it was full steam ahead. As any "cartel" does it set about to dictate how the future and climate of their soca future will be.


Anderson "Blood" Armstrong brings years of experience while Michael Mercer youthful and ambitious leads the six member group which also comprises of Tito Ellis (drums), Corey Forde (keyboards and samplers), Ryan Lewis (bass) and Stephen Taitt (keyboards).

Soka Kartel's first performance was at the final cavalcade at the National stadium and each year makes that event and location the first official performance for the crop over festival. 
So far in their first year (2010), the band was able to cop three titles. The Party Monarch, Soca Royale Champion and Road March. In that year, they made history also to have a competitor (Blood) place first and second, Then second and Third (Mikey) in the Party Monarch. 

In 2011 The band won their second Party Monarch competition, making it two in a row,this time by Mikey. 2012 has seen the first ever hat-trick by any group or individual win Mikey retaining the Party Monarch. Not only did he do that but went on to win 3 more titles. The Sweet Soca Monarch, People’s Monarch and Road March.

With a spectacular, energetic show and lots of visual new marketing concepts Soka Kartel is set to have a big bright future ahead.


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Article originally from Soka Kartel's biography on facebook