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Rupee is one of the foremost artists in the intoxicating musical movement known as soca (soul + calypso) - the supercharged party music of the Caribbean. Being the most viewed Soca artist on Youtube, with well over 20 million views, Rupee's soca sound is rhythmically complex yet instantly catchy, a non-stop blending of the flavorful, tuneful, and irresistibly danceable. He is a major force in the eruption of innovative pop/urban-influenced Caribbean artists who are changing the face of music worldwide.

Initially acclaimed in the competitive and fertile culture of the yearly Caribbean carnivals, Rupee has gone on to win over masses of jubilant fans through his high-energy performances at festivals and concerts throughout North America and Europe and even as far as Asia. In 2012 Rupees' continuous growth has allowed him to hit new audiences in Sri Lanka, Romania, Monaco and Panama for the first time. Whether supported by his vibrant Caribbean-based band or super charged deejay, he is a charismatic and inspiring live performer. Australia, Africa and more territories in Asia are already on his radar for the first time in 2013.

The love of Rupees fans has propelled him to join the elite few Caribbean artists to garner major label recording and publishing deals, signing with Atlantic Records in 2005 and EMI publishing in the UK. This relationship saw his music land straight into the Billboard Top 40 and many major charts across the globe. From major motion picture soundtracks like After The Sunset feat Pierce Brosnan and Selma Hayek, TV mega hit Desperate Housewives, to the video game franchise blockbuster Dance Central, Rupees music continues to explode globally.

The writer, singer and producer of the 2007 Cricket World Cup anthem featuring platinum artist Shaggy, says; "I try to have as much fun as possible, but I always also inject positivity. There are sensual moments, but it's never overdone. I try to be responsible and create a vibe that's about love and upliftment. While I tell the audience to jump and wave and get all crazy, we also have to give thanks, and acknowledge the Almighty."


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Article originally from Rupee's biography on facebook