Religion - Quaker Church

Quakers first settled in Barbados in the 17th century. Some were involved in the transatlantic trade, some sent as convicts to work the plantations (imprisoned for their religious beliefs) and some arrived through missionary work, here they found solice as they were less persecuted in the region than in Britain, even being allowed to worship freely once taxes were paid. The large numbers and somewhat freedom, allowed the church to grow quickly.

Realising the inequalities, the Quakers spoke out against the poor slave treatment became one of the first Christian churches to allow slaves. This did not bode well with the plantocracy and in 1676 a legislation making it illegal for blacks to attend the church was passed and was only overthrown in 1810. By 1750, the Quakers in Barbados had dwindled away. The Quakers, however, continued to play their role in the antislavery movements across the region and internationally.