Christmas - Personalized Gift Ideas

Christmas gifts do not need to be expensive to be appreciated. Handmade gifts and personalised gifts are great because they are considered to be special and original. They allow you to use your creativity without 'breaking the bank', so to speak. You don't need to be super artistic to get these done. Here are just a few ideas:
  • A potted plant in a hand painted pot. They don't need to be fancy or elabourate. You can have a simple design and personalise further with the person's name, 'love always' or something special between you two. 
christmas gift plant pots 2 christmas gift plant pots
  • A photo in handpainted frame (if you know woodwork you can even build/carve the frame). Again, does not need to be elabourate or look like a masterpiece. A simple design on the frame or their name would do. If you have a stylish handwriting, you can personalize with your own note.
CarolineFrame frame
  • A coupon book. Create on the computer or create by hand. This is a great idea for anyone from anyone, even your boss. You can go online and find great coupon ideas and create something which has value throughout the year. 
coupon coupon book
  • Jar of goodies (or gift basket) - It could be chocolates, homemade cookies, candy, whatever your recipient loves, you can even give a jar filled with ingredients to your famous holiday cookies and beautifully attach the recipe. Decorate the jar with a simple ribbon or go all out, use your creativity to make it awesome.
Cookie-Mix-in-a-Jar-gift gifts-in-a-jar
  • Recipe Cards - If you are famous for your great cooking, why not spread the joy of your awesome recipes (not necessarily all) This is another gift that will always keep giving.
Recipe Cards 2
  • Scrapbook - Create a scrapbook of the memories you have with that person. Fill it with photos, memorabilia and notes.
scrapbook mothers-day-scrapbook-9
  • Make scented candles. It's actually not very difficult. Click here to see how. Afterwards you can decorate it however you like.
candles decorate candle
  • Here's another jar gift, homemade snowglobes. Personalise it with pictures special to the receiver and here you have another great gift idea.
Kids-in-snow-globes-on-window snow-globes-l

The most important thing to remember, is to know your recipient. There is no point in giving a plant to a 'plant killer'. These are just a few ideas. There are many more on the internet and in various do it yourself books.

Photos sourced from various do-it-yourself blogs online.