Art - Jason Prescod


Where are you from?
The parish of St. Philip.

What do you do for a living?
I am employed as Graphic Designer.

What got you interested in photography?
My Interest started when I got my first camera for Christmas years ago. It was a Polaroid camera, the ones developed instant pictures.

What is your favourite things/areas to photograph?
I love to photograph nature, flowers, landscapes etc.

What photo are you most proud of?
It's so hard to pick one photo as a favourite because each photo has a meaning to it, but I guess the top two would be:

jp fav1

jp fav2

What is the strangest photo you’ve ever captured?
No weird photos as yet but i am sure one will pop up.

5 Words which friends would use to describe you?
My friends would tell you that I am crazy, funny and sometimes distant.

Other than photography, what else do you like to do?
Other hobbies are reading and watching a good movie.

Do you have any online pages to promote your photography (facebook, flickr, pinterest, etc)? What are they?
My facebook page is quite new and I try to add new content weekly, Jason Prescod Photography

What advice would you give to someone who is contemplating exploring photography as a hobby?
Photography, if taken seriously, is rewarding but can be expensive and quite addictive. You are always looking to get the next best image and the equipment to get this done. But I would tell anyone, Try it! My way of looking at it... the moment you capture will never happen again.