Island Heritage - Independence Arch

Independence-Arch-by-Jabarrio-HolliganThe Independence Arch was erected in 1987 to commemorate Barbados' 21st anniversary of Independence. It can be found at the south end of the Chamberlain Bridge.

The Independence Arch has several symbols of Barbados’ heritage within its design. At the top of the arch you will find the Coat of Arms bearing the national motto ‘Pride and Industry’, at the base of the arch you will also find the words to Barbados’ National Pledge and along the sides you will see four of our national symbols - the broken trident, the dolphin, the pelican and the Pride-of-Barbados flower.

Each side of the arch also carries a picture of the late Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow, also called the Father of Our Nation. He was the first Prime Minister of Barbados, pivotal to Barbados’ independence.

As part of the Independence celebrations that take part every year in November, the Independence Arch is usually seen outlined in lights of Barbados’ national colours- blue and yellow.

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Photo credits to Jabarrio Holligan