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Small Hotels & Apartments

Barbados is home to a wealth of moderately priced, locally owned hotels. These offerings are not only bursting with authentic island experiences but business travelers and families find themselves right at home in intimate locations, with no lack of modern amenities.


If you are on the island for an extended vacation, then a guesthouse may just be the perfect complement to your stay and a comfortable, more affordable alternative to traditional hotels.

However facilities do vary from property to property so be sure to select the one which best suits your long term needs.

* In case you were wondering, a guest house is an inexpensive lodging similar to a hostel or a bed and breakfast where occupants have common rooms (kitchens, living, dining rooms and sometimes bathrooms). The property is frequently family owned and managed by a very small complement of staff. 

Hotels & Resorts

If you are searching for a wider variety of amenities, or a more luxurious vacation hideaway, then a large island hotel or resort may be just what the doctor ordered. Barbados has everything from grandiose villas to 5-Star hotels and fantastic all-inclusive rentals, most of which offer fun water sports, elaborate golf courses, casinos and on site fine dining to satisfy any pallet.

Below is the Directory of 135 various types of Accommodations in Barbados 


Accommodation Address Number
Accra Beach Hotel & Spa Rockley, Christ Church 246-435-8920
Adulo Apartments  Rockley, Christ Church 246-426-6811
All Seasons Resort - Europa  Palm Ave, Sunset Crest, St. James 246-432-5046
Almond Beach Resort Heywoods, St. Peter 246-422-4900
The Club Barbados Resort & Spa  Vauxhall, St. James 246-432-7840
Couples Resort St. Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 246-620-3600
Altman Villa Rentals Derricks St. James Barbados 246-432-0840
Alleyne real estate weston st james 432-1159
Angler Apts  Office St. James Barbados 246-432-0817
Anthurium Suites  Kellham W'thing Christ Church Barbados 246-435-7439
ASK Real Estate & Financial Services 2nd Fl Trident Hse Bridgetown Barbados
Atlantis Hotel & Restaurant  Tent Bay, St. Joseph 246-433-9445
Balihai Beach View Apartment Brighton Beach North, Black Rock, St. Michael 246-257-8970
Banyon Court Apartments Chelsea Road, St. Michael 246-426-2815
 Barbados Beach Club  Maxwell Coast Rd Ch Ch  246-428-9900
Barbados Villa Services Krackers Durants Vlge Holders Hill StJames Tel/Fax Barbados 246-432-8262
Battaleys (B'dos)Ltd  Battaleys Mews Mullins St Peter Barbados 246-419-7881
Bay View Guest House Corner Baywaters & Brandons, Deacons Road, St. Michael 246-425-9006
Beach View Hotel Paynes Bay St James Barbados 246-432-2300
Best E Villas  5 Green Ridge Prospect St JamesBarbados 246-425-9751
Blue Horizon Hotel Rockley Beach, Christ Church 246-435-8916
Blue Orchids Beach Hotel Worthing ChristChurch Barbados 246-435-8057
Bonanza Apartments 4th Ave, Dover, Christ Church 246-420-1755
Bougainvillea Beach Resort Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church 246-628-0990 OR 246-428-2524
Broome's Vacation Home  Mount Joy Ave. Pine Gardens, St. Michael 246-426-4955
Butterfly Beach Hotel  Maxwell Christ Church Barbados 246-428-9095
Caribbean's Finest Minigolf & Driving Range Club 24 Cane Gdn Hgts St Thomas Barbados 246-822-7843
Carvette Apartments #2 Maxwell Gardens, Christ Church 246-236-3194
Casa Grande Airport Hotel & Resort  Oldbury, St. Philip 246-416-3351
Chateau Blanc Apartments On Sea 1st Ave, Worthing, Christ Church 246-435-7518
Churchfield Real Estate Agents  Church Point H'town St James Barbados 246-432-7124
Cliff Restaurant The  Derricks St James Barbados 246-432-1922
Coconut Court Beach Hotel  The Garrison Historic Area Hstgs ChristChurch Barbados 246-427-1655
Coral Mist Beach Hotel Ofc & Reservations Worthing ChristChurch Barbados 246-435-7712
Coral Reef Club St James Beach Barbados 246-422-2372
Coral Sands Beach Resort Worthing, Christ Church 246-435-6617
Cotton House Vacations Enterprise, Oistins, Christ Church 246-425-6329
 Courtyard By Marriott  Garrison Historic Area Hstgs ChristChurch Barbados  246-625-0000
Crane Resort The  Crane Residential Resort Crane St Philip PBX Barbados 246-423-6220
The Croton Inn Maxwell Main Road, Christ Church 246-428-7314
Crystal Cove Hotel Appleby St James PBX Barbados 246-432-2683
Crystal Crest Guest House & Restaurant Pine Rd B'ville St. Michael Barbados 246-426-4626
Crystal Waters Guest House  1st Ave Worthing, Christ Church 246-435-7514
Discovery Bay By Rex Resorts St James PBX (5 Lines) Barbados 246-432-1301
Divi Southwinds Beach Resort St. Lawrence PBX Barbados 246-418-7300
Dolphin Inn Guest House & Blue Dolphin Apartments Dover Terrace, Christ Church 246-420-2330
Dover Beach Hotel St. Lawrence Christ Church Barbados 246-428-8076
Dover Woods Guest House  Dover Woods St. Lawrence Gap Barbados 246-420-6599
El Retreat Guest House  100 Dover Christ Church Barbados 246-420-4210
Elegant Hotels Group  Corporate Office Tamarind Hotel Paynes Bay St James Barbados 246-432-6500
Fairmont Royal Pavilion The Porters St Jas 246-422-5555
Gaskin Vacation Inn  The Boulevard E'prise Christ ChurchBarbados 246-428-4748
George Washington House  Bush Hill Garrison St. Michael Barbados 246-228-5461
Gentle Breeze Apartments Worthing, Christ Church 246-429-2581
Golden Grove Great House  Golden Grove St Philip Barbados 246-423-7493
Goldenhaven Condominiums Sunset Crest, St. James 246-432-1715
Golden Sands Apt Hotel  Maxwell Christ Church Barbados 246-428-8051
 Grand Barbados Beach Resort  Aquatic Gap Barbados  246-426-4000
H T Realty Inc  2 Culpepper Dev Barbados 246-423-9659
Hannah Properties Ltd Barbados Barbados 246-271-2551
Heritage Park Foursquare Rum Distillery St PhilipBarbados 246-420-9954
Hilton Barbados Needhams Point St. Michael Barbados 246-426-0200
Hive Realty  Suite 5 Pasea Financial Centre CnrDayrells Rd & Harts Gap Barbados 246-228-3620
Infinity on the Beach  St. Lawrence Gap, Dover, Christ Church 246-623-0000
Intimate Hotels Of Barbados BHTA Bldg 4th Ave B'ville St. MichaelBarbados 246-436-2053
Island Inn Hotel Aquatic Gap Garrison St. MichaelBarbados 246-436-6393
Island Villas Limited Trents Bldg Holetown St Jas BB 24017Barbados 246-432-4627
Kingsland Palace 446 Kingsland Terrace, Christ Church 246-420-9008
Khrysann Apartments 776 Agate Road, Kingsland Terrance, Christ Church 246-571-7419 OR 246-234-9096
Little Arches Hotel Enterprise Beach Christ Church Barbados 246-420-4689
Little Bay Hotel St. Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 246-420-7587
Little Good Harbour  Fort Rupert Shermans St Peter PBXBarbados 246-439-3000
Lush Life Nature Resort Suriname St Joseph Barbados 246-433-1300
Mango Bay 2nd Street, Holetown, St. James 246-626-1384
Maxwell Beach Villas  Maxwell Christ Church Barbados 246-418-9200
Melbourne Apartments & Car Rentals  Stanmore Crescent, Black Rock Main Road, St. Michael 246-425-1153
Melbourne Inn St. Lawrence Gap Dover Christ ChurchBarbados 246-420-5475
Melrose Beach Apartments Worthing Christ Church Office Phone/FaxBarbados 246-435-7984
Meridian Inn Dover Christ Church Office Barbados 246-428-4051
Miami Beach Apts  Enterprise Drive Christ Church Barbados 246-428-5387
Monteray Apartment Hotel  St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church 246-428-9152
Mullins Heights Barbados Sea View Apartments Mullins, St. Peter 246-263-0060
Nautilus Beach Apartments Bay St St. Michael Office Barbados 246-426-3541
NewEdgewater Hotel The Bathsheba St Joseph Barbados 246-433-9900
Ocean 15 Hotel Dover Gardens, St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church 246-428-8686 OR 246-626-2326
Ocean Two Resort and Residences Dover, Christ Church 246-418-1800 OR 246-428-9441
Ocean Spray Apartments  Inch Marlow Christ Church ManagerBarbados 246-428-5426
Palm Garden Hotel Worthing, Christ Church 246-621-7256 OR 246-429-7375
Palm Paradise Inc 2B Chapel Gap, No 1 Paynes Bay, St. James 246-422-5430
The Palms Resort Sunset Crest, St. James 246-432-6750
Peach And Quiet Hotel  Inch Marlow Barbados 246-428-5682
Pirate's Inn  Hastings, Christ Church 246-426-6273
Pommarine Hotel Hastings Christ Church Barbados 246-228-0900
Realtors Limited Holetown St James Barbados 246-432-6930
Regency Cove Hotels  Hstgs Christ Church Barbados 246-435-8924
Rio Guest House  St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church 246-428-1546
Roman Beach Apartments On Miami Beach Oistins, Christ Church 246-428-7635
Rosebank Apartments Hastings, Christ Church 246-271-0141
Rostrevor Apartment Hotel St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church 246-628-9298 OR 246-428-9298
Round Rock Apartments-On-Sea Round Rock, Silver Sands, Christ Church 246-428-7500
Sandpiper The St James Beach PBX Barbados 246-422-2251
Sandy Ground Holiday Accomodation  Paradise Vlge St. Law Gap Christ ChurchBarbados 246-420-2720
Sandy Lane St. James 246-444-2000
Savannah Hotel The Hastings Christ Church Barbados 246-228-3800
Sea Breeze Beach Hotel Maxwell Coast Road, Christ Church 246-428-2825
Sea Foam Haciendas  Worthing Christ Church Office Barbados 246-435-7380
Seaside Realty  11 Porters St James Barbados 246-439-7010
Sea-U Guest House  Bathsheba, St. Joseph 246-433-9450
Settlers Beach Ofc St James Beach Barbados 246-422-3052
Shades Holiday Apartments Laynes Road, Paynes Bay, St. James 246-432-6697
Shonlan Inn & Apartments #7 Coverley Terrace, Christ Church 246-428-0039
Silver Point Hotel  Silver Sands Christ Church Barbados 246-420-4416
Skyport Apartments  #2 Chancery Lane, Christ Church 246-428-4856
The Soco Hotel Hastings, Christ Church 246-228-6955
South Beach Hotel Rockley At Accra, Christ Church 246-435-8561
South Gap Hotel St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church 246-420-7591 OR 246-420-6431
Southern Palms Beach Club St. Law Gap Christ Church 246-428-7171
Southern Surf Beach Apartment Rockley Beach, Christ Church 246-435-6672
St James Apartment Hotel The Paynes Bay St James Admin OfcBarbados 246-432-0489
Sugar Bay Barbados Palm Beach, Hastings, Christ Church 246-622-1101 OR 246-622-1102
Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa Maynards St Peter Barbados 246-422-5026
Sun Island Holiday Apartments St Lawrence, Christ Church 246-420-5757 OR 246-420-2822
Sunbay Hotel Maxwell Coast Rd Christ Church Barbados 246-418-1300
Sunshine Beach Apartments Hastings, Christ Church 246-427-1234
Sunswept Beach Hotel Tropical Sunset Complex H'town StJames Barbados 246-432-2715
Superville Guest House  3rd Ave Pickwick Gap, Westbury Road, St. Michael 246-426-2831
Sweet Field Manor Brittons Hill, St. Michael 246-429-8356
Tamarind Hotel Paynes Bay St James PBX Barbados 246-432-1332
The Centre - Christ Church Parish Church  Church Hill Christ Church Barbados 246-428-2319
The Fish Pot Restaurant Barbados   246-439-2604
The House Paynes Bay St James PBX Barbados 246-432-5525
Tiffany's Guest House Murielville River Road, St. Michael 246-427-4370
Todds Great Estate  St John Barbados  
Treasure Beach Hotel Paynes Bay St James BB 24009 Barbados 246-419-4200
Tropical Winds Hotel Long Bay, St. Philip 246-423-0548
Turtle Beach Resort Dover Christ Church PBX Barbados 246-428-7131
Villas On The Beach  Holetown St James Barbados 246-432-0211
Waves Hotel & Spa Prospect Bay St James Barbados 246-424-7571
West Coast Villas Sotheby's  International Realty  H'town St James Barbados 246-432-5050
Worldwide Dream Villas Barbados Indigo Courtyard H'town St JamesBarbados 246-432-6307
Worthing Court Apartment  Hotel  Worthing Christ Church Barbados 246-434-8400
Yellow Bird Apartment Hotel St Lawrence Gap, Christ Church 246-622-8445







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