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errol barrow resizeA 9ft tall bronze statue weighing 2000lbs was erected in Independence Square to pay homage to Sir Errol Walton Barrow, the father of Barbados' Independence. It was sculpted by a St. Lucian sculptor Ricky George and was unveiled on Errol Barrow Day, Sunday January 21st, 2007.


Born January 21st 1920, Errol Barrow was the last Premier and first Prime Minister of Barbados. His political career lasted 36 years up until his death in 1987. During this time he was able to affect great social and economic changes in Barbados.


He is credited with the implementation of free education, school meals services, improved health care  the introduction of a National Insurance and Social Security Scheme and a host more achievements.


Along with the statue, Sir Errol Barrow is remembered by a public holiday, his likeness on the $50 note and he is one of Barbados' National Heroes.

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Errol Barrow - Father of Independence

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