Extras - Easter in Barbados

Over the years, there have been quite a few Easter traditions in Barbados. Some of which, have stood the test of time and are still quite prevalent. Oistins Fish Festival and kite flying are two of the main celebratory activities today.

Oistins Fish Festival is celebrated during the Easter weekend in honour of persons in the fishing industry. Over the three day period of this street fair, you will find vendors selling a variety of local products, entertainment by tuk band, steel pan and various artistes, and numerous competitions including fish boning, racing of fishing boats and the climbing of the grease pole. It is a fantastic spectacle.

Many Barbadians may consider themselves 'master crafters', at least when it comes to making kites. On Easter Monday, a kite making competition is held at the Garrison Savannah. Crafters from across the island bring all types of kites to be judged in hopes of being named number one in their specific category. Meanwhile, many parents make this an opportunity to take the family out to enjoy the competition and participate in some kite flying of their own. Kite flying at Easter is not limited to the Garrison Savannah, however. At this time, you will find kites flying almost everywhere.