Travel - Dressing for your Caribbean Vacation

The most improtant thing for you to remember when you are planning your Caribbean vacation is that it will be hot, even if you travel during rainy season. Here are a few tips for dressing for your Caribbean vacation:

1 - Pack underwear 2 per day of your stay. While you may not need them all, the heat may send you to the bath more often than you would in cooler climates.

2 - One pair of pajamas will suffice for an entire week.

3 - choose light clothing - t-shirts, tank tops, shorts and dresses for your day to day activities. While shorts and polos are fine for men, they should have at least one pair of long pants for dinner.

4 - Pack multiple bathing suites. You don't want to miss out on a beach day because your bathing suit is still wet from the day before.

5 - If you are the outdoorsie type, bring clothes you can wear for hikes and bike rides. Some companies suggest you wear long pants, long sleeved shirts and fully enclosed shoes. It may be best to check out the activities offered and requirements before over or under packing.

6 - Do you plan on taking part in the island's nightlife, pack a few of your hot numbers and prepare to paint the town. A sexy dress or two and a nice shirt and linen pants make a fine pair.

7 - Comfortable shoes are always a necessity. You will probably be out for long hours exploring the country, be sure to do it in comfort. A pair of sneakers, sandals, flip flops and dress shoes will suffice for your various activities.

8 - The weather may change in an instant, pack a poncho or lightweight umbrella, or buy one once you reach your destination.
9 - DO NOT pack any camouflage as it is illegal in many Caribbean islands.

10 - It's your vacation come and be comfortable and ENJOY!