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Barbados is certainly one of the Caribbean’s most captivating islands and a Cruise to the island is a picture perfect way to reach the stunning shores of Barbados. It is said that no other Caribbean port of call rivals the modern, island port while the island is a veritable melting pot of culture, hospitality, beautiful landscapes and white sandy beaches.

Port Barbados - Harbour-1

The state-of-the-art port is complete with excellent shopping from more than 20 duty free stores, restaurants, bars, a communication center but just a mile away is the capital city of Bridgetown.


Bridgetown is known for its convenient location, warm people and hospitality. Barbados is also a duty free shoppers paradise with competitively priced precious gems, designer jewelry and watches and stores featuring brand names like, Chopard, Omega, Cartier, John Hardy and Movado. Perfumes, shades, cameras, chocolates and fine china can also be found at prices that can be up to 50% lower than North American and European Prices. Notably local items like rum, pottery, cakes and sweets are also best sellers on the island and a favourite amongst visitors. Shopping in Barbados


No Worries if the shopping scene does no interest you. Try a nearby beach, island tour or other exciting island activities during your day in Barbados.

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  • Comfortable staterooms at sea
  • Extraordinary dining or 24hr room service
  • Fantastic onboard entertainment
  • Fun-filled programs for the youngsters and for the young at heart
  • Stunning and award winning stage shows and  more      
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