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What can be said about Barbados’ largest cultural festival? Held in the summer, Crop Over is without a doubt the most popular, vibrant, highly anticipated festival on the island. Its origins go back to colonial days over 200 years ago. Back then, Barbados was the world’s largest producer of cane sugar, and the islanders would have a massive celebration in the streets to mark the end of the sugar cane harvest - hence the name ‘Crop Over’.

This tradition has maintained its strength throughout the years, and has evolved into the colorful and musically delightful festival that it is today. Holding on to its origins, Crop Over traditionally begins with the ceremonial delivery of the last crop, and it culminates with a bang with the Kadooment street festival - a daytime jam featuring an array of feathered, beaded and captivating costumes. Around Crop Over, calypso, a Caribbean genre, is played, celebrated and honored. There is even the crowning of a Crop Over King and Queen - the most productive cane cutters. This event captures the heart and soul of Barbados and is most certainly a must-see! As a popular Crop Over jingle goes- “Crop Over is more than a festival- it sweet, sweet fuh days!”



The climax of the Crop Over Season takes place during the last weekend of the Festival, often referred to as the ‘Last Lap’. As you can imagine, this weekend is alive with activity, colour and music, with something for everyone. Below are the events that traditionally take place during the Crop Over Last Lap:

Friday Night
- Pic-O-De-Crop Finals
Saturday (Day)
- Foreday Morning Jam / Bridgetown Market
Saturday (Night)
- Bridgetown Market
Sunday (Day)
- Bridgetown Market
Sunday Night
- Cohobblopot
Monday (Day)
- Grand Kadooment Parade / Bridgetown Market
Monday (Night)
- Grand Kadooment Celebrations / Bridgetown Market

For more information contact:
The National Cultural Foundation (NCF)
Address: West Terrace, St. James.
Tel: (246) 424-0909

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