Art - Clement Faria

Clement Faria is a young Barbadian passionate about photography. As the Caribbean Dreams magazine Amateur Photographer Of the Month of January, we had a chat with Clement and find out a little about him.

What do you do for a living?

I am a Freelance Website / Multimedia Developer. 

How long have you been in photography? 

2014 will make it my 3rd year since I took photography more seriously and got a DSLR camera.

What got you interested in photography?

I always loved photography from my childhood days. I never actually started shooting photos until my mid teens. That is when I got a compact film camera and messed around with it. I really started photography to help with my web development work. I always needed a lot of different types of photos as content for my websites and other work. These images can be costly if purchased from photographers and stock photography websites. I thought it was a good idea to take my own photos instead.

Have you been influenced by any local or international photographers?

My father, Norman Faria was a good photographer. Other than him, I would say I have been Influenced by a few international photographers, since I started researching the art. Ansel Adams, Bryan Peterson, Karl Taylor and Moose Peterson are a few of my favourites.

How would you describe your style? 

I'm Cool and laid back.

What is your favourite spot/area to photograph?

My favourite area to photograph would be Batts Rock. It is a very beautiful place to be. I know that beach by heart and I haven't stopped going there since I was a kid.

What photo are you most proud of? (if you are willing to share it)

I am most proud of a photo taken at Batts Rock. To me it was an amazing photo. I was watching a photography video, and got inspired to go out and try to capture a photo similar to what I saw in that video. The resulting photo was more than what I expected, and continues up to this day, to fuel my passion for landscape and seascape photography.


What is the strangest photo you’ve ever captured?

The strangest photo i ever took was a sunset of some clouds in St. John while heading home from taking photos the entire evening. After some post processing, I noticed that the main cloud looked like a giant whale-like creature that appeared to be trying to eat another smaller cloud, which took the shape of a dog trying to escape.

5 words which friends would use to describe you?

cool, smart, talented, reserved, creative

Other than photography, what else do you like to do?

Cricket and Bodyboarding

Do you have any online pages to promote your photography (facebook, flickr, pinterest, etc)? What are they?

I have my personal website which is I also run another photo website called, and share my photos on 500px, Flickr and Instagram.

What advice would you give someone who is contemplating exploring photography as a hobby?

Research the history and fundamentals of photography. Learn about Exposure and Composition. Learn how to use your camera and it's features. They are many different types of Photography. Choose One or two genres that you like the most, and then practice on those and practice some more. The Photography will improve and happen naturally.