Island Heritage - Barbados' Independence

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Barbados was granted Independence on November 30th, 1966 from Britain, its colonial ruler. Annual Independence celebrations run throughout the month of November beginning with the Lighting Ceremony on November 1st and culminating on November 30th, Independence Day, with a grand parade. Throughout the month, Barbadians celebrate in a number of ways - competitions, community events, religious services. During this time, they also listen to folk music, and feast on traditional meals. Click here to find out more about Barbados' Independence


Sir Errol Walton Barrow is often referred to as the Father Of Independence. Born 1920, Errol Barrow was the last Premeir of the island and the first Prime Minister. He is credited for leading the country into Independence and paving the way for the economic development which the island has been able to boast.



National Emblems Of Barbados 

  • The Barbados National Flag
  • The National Pledge
  • The National Anthem
  • The Motto
  • The Coat of Arms
  • The National Flower

Find out more about each of these symbols used to represent Barbados as an independent nation.

During the month of November, Barbadians take extra pride in their country and during this time, you would hear a host of local music, older folk music and many Independence songs which speak bout love for the country. You can sample some of this music here.


Conkies are probably the biggest household Independence Tradition in Barbados. Older Barbadians would spend hours cooking this Bajan delight and the tradition is passed down from generation to generation.