Art - Amateur Photographer Of The Month


Barbados is filled with beautiful sights and Caribbean Dreams Magazine is giving you a glimpse of the talented people who capture these sights. Every month, Caribbean Dreams Magazine will be featuring an amateur photographer. We will tell you a little about them and share some of their photos.


For the Month of January, our featured amateur photographer is Clement Faria. While he has been interested in photography for most of his life, he has begun taking photography seriously only for three years. In this time he has grown leaps and bounds and continues to grow. Read our interview with Clement here.

Ozzy Osbourne is our featured Amateur Photographer for the month of February. This well known DJ has been honing his craft for the last 10 years, focusing on two of his loves - motorsports and surfing. Read our interview with Ozzy here.

Our featured Amateur Photographer for the month of March is a lovely lady by the name of Kim Greenidge. With her grand father being a photographer, she has always had an interest in photography. Read more about Kim and her passion here.

For the month of April, our featured photographer is Jason Prescod. His passion started with his first camera, a polaroid, and grew to the talent which he displays today. This graphic designer displays his love for nature and the outdoors in his photography. Read more about him here.

Shara Goodridge is our featured photographer for the month of May.  This baker and future teacher finds another way of expressing her creativity - photograph. Read about her here.

Our featured Amateur Photographer for the month of September is Doreen Knight. This lovely lady started her explorations on her iPhone. Her passion led her to research which gave her more information on the art form and thus the passion blossomed. Read more about Doreen here.