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If you enjoy fantastic experiences and thrive on outdoor adventures then Barbados may very well be your very own Fantasy Island. Dive to sunken ships at some of the Caribbean’s best dive sites just off the island's coast!  Surf the Soup Bowl, rated in the top 5 places to surf by some of the world’s best surfers. Snorkel along the shoreline on miles of crystal clear, picture-perfect beaches.

Hike the island's rugged interior or nature trails to find coves and nooks that are waiting to be explored. Crawl… (yes crawl) through hidden caves, and travel on the little-used back roads of Barbados for open-air adventures. You can also experience horseback riding, deep-sea big game fishing, biking and kite surfing, in Barbados. Find a private cove for a swim, grab a friend and JUST Go! Take your pick and let the adventure begin.

Read one of our publications below to find cozy nooks and crannies all around the island, beautiful images of the best places to visit. Fun Facts about Barbadian Personalities and highlights on Food, Restaurants, Events and more.  

What Else Awaits?
  • Dive the shallow reefs or advanced divers can head out to the SS Stavronika to find Nemo, to say hi to a parrotfish, or hide from a barracuda.
  • Rent a jet ski and feel the adrenaline rush as you blast across the ocean full throttle.
  • Join up with the aggressive “Grin & Bear” National Trust hikers for a free 12 – 14 mile Sunday trek across rugged Barbados. 
  • Charter a boat and fight to catch a whopping Blue Marlin.
  • Try the ATV or Island Safari, or both.

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If you enjoy fantastic experiences and thrive on outdoor adventure, then Barbados may very well be your fantasy Island. Dive, Surf, Snorkel, Hike, and travel on the little used back roads of Barbados.

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