A Night on the Ocean

sunset cartamaran cruisedfr barbadosWhether you are celebrating a special occasion or just spending an evening with that special someone, a night on the ocean is an excellent idea.


Enjoy a romantic evening for two, with a moonlit dinner to soothing music and watch the sunset in the arms of the one you love. Whether you chose a private cruise or join a scheduled cruise, the breathtaking ambience is sure to make you forget all else that exists. The beautiful night skies and magnificent backdrop create that idyllic retreat.


You can also experience a different side of the ocean. The Atlantis Submarine night dive offers you the beauty of the ocean bed, where you are awarded a rare opportunity to view sea life in a beautiful array of colours. Such a spectacle is not visible during day dives. As one of the two places in the world which this is done, Barbados’ ocean bed offers an experience like none other.


Not interested in romancing? A night on the high seas still has a lot offer. You can party the night away onboard the Jolly Roger where they offer you the most fun anywhere. You can enjoy the music, the food, the drinks and the cool breezes of the fresh air while mixing and mingling with friends.

There are endless possibilities under the night skies. Come out and experience all the high seas have to offer.


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