Its Christmas time yet again and everyone has a few things which make Christmas special to them. We are counting down our top ten favourite things at Christmas time.

10. Cleaning - Yup! We said cleaning. At any other time of the year, cleaning is a drag. At Christmas, however, it seems to be the most fun thing ever. Maybe that is a slight exaggeration but honestly, Christmas cleaning is great. It's like an exfoliation of your household and enough fun to make it to our top 10.First list item.

9. Drinks & Food - Drinks, drinks, drinks galore. Every household you go into around Christmas time is always packed. Juices, soft drinks, alcohol, you name it. And the food... It seems as though people cook for the whole month and for the whole island. We can safely say, it is likely to gain a few pounds around Christmas time. For that reason, its best to find a gym in advance to combat what is going to happen in December.

8. Parties - Christmas time is full of events for the young and the old. No one is left out. Dressing up and hitting the various Christmas parties is a blast.

7. Queen's Park - 


Christmas morning, scores of Bajans head down to Queen's Park for a showcase of sorts. Dressed up in their fancy outfits, men, women, young and old come out to meet and greet friends and stroll through the park to the sounds of the Royal Barbados Police Force Band. It is truly a sight to behold.

6. Shopping - Here we have a few shopaholics... and for that reason, shopping is #6 on our countdown. For us, the hustle and bustle of Bridgetown at this time of year is actually exciting, and getting gifts that we know will be loved is even more rewarding.

5. Opening Gifts - Once upon a time, receiving was what made opening gifts great, but as we got older and wiser, we realized that giving was even better. Opening and watching family members open their gifts (not the ungrateful ones... of course) is so much fun. The excitement on everyone's faces is priceless.

4. Heading Out & About - Traditionally we take one night to go out, drive around (or do a scenic bus tour) and look at the lights around the island. The beautifully lit roundabouts, houses, commercial buildings and parks are a sight to behold and it really makes Christmas special.

3. Decorating - Cleaning is great but it is the decorating that really makes it awesome. Putting up the Christmas tree, the lights and the all the decorations are so great, especially when it is done as a family affair.


Christmas Lights in Barbados

2. Spending Time with Family - Family members come in from overseas and most households have big family gatherings. You get to catch up with people you haven't seen for the entire year. Christmas time is the season of family reunions. Even persons in smaller families find that Christmas is a great time to spend quality time together and take part in various activities and outings with each other.

1. Christmas Music - Our #1 FAVORITE THING AT CHRISTMAS IS THE CHRISTMAS MUSIC. Once the music starts playing on the radio, the Christmas feeling hits you. It is like the gunshot that starts a race. Throughout the month of December, Christmas music plays in every store and every household, or at least it seems that way and we love it![/list]

What are the things that make Christmas time special to you? Share with us your FAVOURITE THINGS AT CHRISTMAS