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The city of Bridgetown is Bar­ba­dos’ largest city, and the com­mer­cial cen­tre of the island. Estab­lished by the Eng­lish set­tlers in 1628, it is the sec­ond town to be set­tled in Bar­ba­dos after Hole­town, or as it was called in the 17th cen­tury, James Town.

Sunset in Barbados is the magic hour. The setting sun lights up the sky and gives way to cool island nights. This is when the party really begins, family friendly floor shows, romantic cruises, dinners, fish fry's, bar hopping, clubs and moonlight walks await.

Plan your Caribbean Dream wed­ding. Find every­thing from your loca­tion to your wed­ding plan­ners and more.

End­less sug­ges­tions on every­thing to do on the island. Take in a festival, visit a rum shop, tour the coun­try side or swim a bounty of turquoise beaches.

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Not many places in the world can boast 70 miles of beautiful, white sand, perfect, sunny weather and clear, calm waters… but it sounds like it’s just another gorgeous Bajan day.

If you enjoy fantastic experiences and thrive on outdoor adventures then Barbados may very well be your very own Fantasy Island.

Experience Barbados, a fun-filled family getaway. From exciting to educational, the attractions in this wonderful island will delight your entire family.

Barbados is an island filled with beautiful natural wonders, from lush vegetation to underground streams and caves to be found throughout the island. Expect to be delighted by the sights, scenes and the rich colors of the islands flora and fauna.

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