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Restaurants on the island range from upscale dining to laid-back casual affairs: where you can even walk in off the beach still in your swimwear. With restaurants offering Italian, Chinese, Polynesian and local Bajan dishes, your appetite will surely be whet. If dining is not your desire, you can pop into any of the bars and rum shops for drinks and laughs with the locals.

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Try one of the Restaurants recommended below!


Experience cutting-edge satellite sports coverage, as you enjoy mouth-watering authentic stone-fired Pizzas and Bert's world famous Banana Daiquiris which have been a favourite since 1976. Cheer on your team while watching live sports action on the wall-size projection screen and (24) plasma screens located throughout the Bar & Restaurant and even pool-side.  At Bert's we offer you a comprehensive menu of traditional North American and Bajan favourites, as well as a great Kids selection. There're Lunch Combos and a Pizza Hotline for ordering takeout.


Address: Rockley New Road, Christ Church
Tel:  (246) 435-7924 
Web: www.bertsbarbados.com 



Burger King Barbados is famous for their menu including croissan'wiches, Whoppers, nuggets, salads, smoothies, cookies and ice cream.  However, Burger King Barbados is also known for its flavourful, crispy chicken which is not served at many locations around the world.
  • Sky Mall
  • Dome Mall
  • Bridge Street Mall
  • Trident House
  • Sheraton Mall


Tel:  (246) 537-1900
Email: info@burgerkingbarbados.com
Website: www.burgerkingbarbados.com



This vibrant Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar is a favourite spot for locals and tourists alike. Open seven days a week, Cafe Sol attracts persons for their famous 'Tex-Mex' dishes, their massive margarita list, fun, cozy atmosphere and their abundant portions of food.


Location: #1 St. Law­r­ence Gap, Christ Church
Tel: (246) 420‑7655
Email: info@cafesolbarbados.com


Photo originally from cafesolbarbados.com


Chicken Barn serves rotisserie at its best! Birds are slowly cooked over a keenly regulated open flame in their rotisseries, allowing the specially prepared seasonings and herbs in each bird to penetrate the meat giving it a mouth-watering flavor that tantalizes the palate, creating an authentic Caribbean experience in every bite.


  • Black Rock, St. Michael
  • Bay Street, Bridgetown
  • Coverley, Christ Church
  • Wildey, Christ Church
  • War­rens, St. Michael
  • Worthing, Christ Church

Tel: (246) 228-6381



At Chilly Moo's is strictly about Ice cream, you are able to create your custom made original Ice Cream flavour or enjoy their Sundaes Floats Or delicious Shakes and Smoothies. They also have their own handmade cookie dough waffle cones and a wide range of over 20 flavours and numerous topping. Ask for your preferred or candies, fruit or nuts mixed in or sprinkled on, however which way you like it then,  it is taken to the frozen granite slab, where it is mixed into a custom ice-cream flavour that you have invented.


Address: Quayside Centre, Hastings, Christ Church, Barbados
Tel: (246) 435-1877
Email: chillymoosbds@gmail.com


If you are looking for a pristine, relaxing spot where you can enjoy a traditional Barbadian lunch or flying fish sandwich while sipping on a beverage of your choice with just that right mix of rustic and sophistication; then the Gazebo is the place. We offer fresh fish, lamb burgers and traditional dishes are all flavoured with Caribbean seasonings and prepared to order, grilled in an open kitchen while you observe and savour international or local beers, the finest rums, our signature rum punch or our special twist on cocktails and blended juices.


Address:  Paynes Bay, St. James
Tel:  (246) 232-0888



The Harbour Lights Grill has a variety of mouth-watering Caribbean delicacies along with the traditional burgers, hot dogs and fries. We also have a Beach Bar that is ALWAYS stocked to capacity, just waiting to quench your thirst including frozen cocktails, fine local rums and ice cold beers with bucket specials available too!  It appeals to both locals and visitors alike. So whether you want to dance to some of the best club music around...or just...lime by the bar on drinks night. You are guaranteed a GREAT time at Harbour Lights! 


AddressBay St, Bridgetown, Barbados
Number: 436-7225


Deli­cious offer­ings from the kitchen, together with wel­com­ing staff make dining at the award-winning Kathy’s Restau­rant a must do. Guests can dine under the stars and enjoy a vari­ety of culi­nary expe­ri­ences.

Location: Paynes Bay, St. James
(246) 419‑4200


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Ryanne’s Restaurant is located in the heart of Bridgetown. Their air-conditioned dining room and balcony overlooking Broad Street are great for dining or simply having a drink.

Location: #33 Broad Street, Bridgetown, St. Michael
Tel: (246) 537-1177
Email: ryannesrestaurant@gmail.com



It's a very common stop for cruise ship passengers especially, who take island tours to that area. Sandy Dunes is nothing fancy; just another beautifully authentic place to sit, relax and enjoy a delicious bite of something Bajan while sipping on a cold Banks beer in a warm, inviting space.The bar has a wide variety from the top beer in Barbados "Banks Exactly" to local and international rums and whisky to soft drinks and mauby.

Address: Belpain, East Coast Road St Andrew Barbados
Tel: (246) 422-9427

Sharkey's is a 4-star star restaurant where you can relax in a tropical setting and enjoy a delicious meal. The menu includes Pork Tenderloin,  Jumbo shrimp, Bajan fishcakes,  Lobster Thermidor, Gourmet homemade burgers and much more with a fully stocked bar.

Sharkey's Tropical Café
Address:  St. Lawrence Gap, Christ Church Barbados
Tel:  (246) 234-6527
Web: www.sharkeysbarbados.com



med Lazure food

 The Crane Residential Resort is home to three stunning restaurants: Zen, L'Azure and D'Onofrio's Trattoria, each with a delightful selection to excite your taste buds.

Location: The Crane, St. Philip


Photo originally from thecrane.com

The Tiki Bar is the perfect place to get a drink , it boast of its 68 house cocktails, along with a fantastic fresh menu crafted using the very best of local products. All you need for the perfect day is a swimsuit and a smile while they provide an idyllic tropical setting, beach bar, restaurant and beach service along with Caribbean sounds and hospitality.

Address: Hastings, Christ Church
Tel:  (246) 435-8074
Email: tiki.bar@hotmail.com
Website: www.tikibarbados.com


Waterfront Cafe227739 583723524976109 1417649256 n

Situated on the Careenage (Marina) in Historic Bridgetown, Waterfront Café is described as an oasis in Bridgetown and provides a quality dining experience in a comfortable environment.


Location: Cavans Lane, Bridgetown, St. Michael
Tel: (246) 427‑0093
Email: waterfrontcafe@caribsurf.com


Photo originally from waterfrontcafe.com.bb


Zadelle's is a fun, fresh store it offers a wide range of raw juices, fruit smoothies, shakes, fresh fruits & veggies. And we are also, always very excited to share our great clothing at fantastic prices with you.


Address:  Speedhouse, Independence Square, Bridgetown, Barbados
Tel:  (246) 426-5555

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Con­tact infor­ma­tion for over 250 restau­rants in Barbados.

Com­pany Address Num­ber
Ackee Tree Restaurant Coconut Walk Hstgs Main Rd Christ ChurchBarbados 2464347684
Andy-Anns Gertz Shop­ping Plaza C’more Rk StMichael Barbados 2464362098
Angry Annie’s Restaurant 1st St Hole­town St James Barbados 2464322119
Apro­pos Restaurant Clapham Crt Wildey Main Rd St MichaelBarbados 2464263659
Apro­pos Restaurant Tri­dent Hse Broad St BridgetownBarbados 2464268464
Apro­pos Restaurant Sher­a­ton Mall Christ Church Barbados 2464378402
Apsara Restau­rant B’dos Ltd More­cambe Hse Wor­thing Christ ChurchBarbados 2464355454
Ara­bian Knights 2B Sher­a­ton Mall Christ Church Barbados 2462286221
Archie’s Deli Tudor st Bridgetown Barbados 2464267441
Asia Express Grant­ley Adams Int’l Air­port Christ ChurchBarbados 2464286540
Asi­a­gos Ital­ian Restaurant Tur­tle Beach Resort Dover ChristChurch Barbados 2464287131
Asian Palm Thai Restaurant 1st St H’town St James Barbados 2464327939
Atlantis Hotel &Restaurant Tent Bay St Joseph Barbados 2464339445
Aussies Beach House St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464207936
Azul Restau­rant At Sea Breeze Beach Hotel Christ ChurchBarbados 2464282825
Back To Eden Veg­e­tar­ian Café Queen St S“town St Peter Barbados 2464220410
Bagatelle Great House Bagatelle St Thomas Barbados 2464216767
Bajan Breeze Restau­rant & Bar Divi South­winds St Law PBXBarbados 2464187300
Bal­cony Restau­rant &Beer Garden 1st Fl Cave Shep­herd Broad St Barbados 2462272141
Bar­be­cue Barn   2464365000
Beach House The Sun­set Crest St James Barbados 2464321163
Bean-N-Bagel Cafes West Coast Mall Barbados 2464321103
Beef Eater Ltd The Spring Gdn H’way Take Away &OfficeBarbados 2464275466
Beef Eater Ltd The 39 Swan St Barbados 2464275501
Beef Eater Ltd The Tudor St Barbados 2464261986
Bei­jing Chi­nese Restaurant Emer­ald Pk Six Rds St Philip Barbados 2462711224
Belle­plaine Super­mar­ket & Snackette Belle­plaine St Andrew Barbados 2464229246
Bellini’s St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464207587
Bentley’s Bar & Restau­rant Inc Upstairs Gal­le­ria Mall Broad St BridgetownBarbados 2462284047
Bert’s Bar Rock­ley Christ Church Barbados 2464357924
Bistro Monet Inc Healthy Hori­zons Bldg Hstgs Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464359389
Blakey’s Bar &Restaurant Hstgs Christ Church Barbados 2462285284
Bonito Bar & Restaurant Bathsheba St Joseph Barbados 2464339034
Brown Sugar Restaurant Aquatic Gap St Michael Barbados 2464267684
Bubba’s Sports Bar &Restaurant Rock­ley Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464356217
Bubba’s Sports Bar &Restaurant   2464358731
Bump and Wine Café Bridge Hse Cavans Ln BridgetownBarbados 2462284289
Café Bar Carizma Chat­tle Vlge H’town St James Barbados 2464327198
Café Indigo Hole­town St James Barbados 2464320968
Café Luna Enter­prise Beach Christ ChurchBarbados 2464286172
Café Moya Sun­set Crest St James Barbados 2464325645
Café Rose Canary Mall Hincks St BridgetownBarbados 2464261181
Café Sol Mex­i­can Grill &Mar­garita Bar 1 St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464207655
Careenage Bar Hilton Barbados Need­hams Point St Michael Barbados 2464260200
Carib Beach Bar &Restaurant 2nd Ave The Stream W’thing Barbados 2464358540
Cariba Restau­rant & Bar 1 Clarkes Gap Der­ricks St JamesBarbados 2464328737
Caribbean Me Fred’s Mall Spry St Bridgetown Barbados 2464352896
Casa Grande Air­port Hotel & Resort Old­bury St Philip Barbados 2464163351
Casua­r­ina Sports Bar Lodge Pltn Hse Lodge Hill St MichaelBarbados 2464256923
Cham­pers Restau­rant &Wine Bar Tor­ring­ton Skeetes Hill Rock­ley ChristChurch Barbados 2464343463
Chefette Restau­rants Ltd Head Off   2464303300
Chefette Restau­rants Ltd Head Off Broad St Barbados 2464303420
Chetamra’s Cnr Cul­lo­den Rd & Chel­ston Ave StMichael Barbados 2464298314
Chicken Barn Ltd Office 2462286381
Chilly Moo’s Ice Cream Treatery Quay­side Cen­tre Rock­ley Christ ChurchBarbados 2464351877
Christophe’s Café Carter’s Shop­ping Com­plex Wildey StMichael Barbados 2464310023
Christophe’s Café Bay St Ofc Barbados 2464294227
Christophe’s Café Air­port Depar­tures Barbados 2464206021
Ciao Bella Ris­torante Pizze­ria & Bar Limegrove Lifestyle Cen­tre H’town StJames Barbados 2464326633
Cin Cin By The Sea Prospect St James Barbados 2464244557
Cliff Restau­rant The Der­ricks St James Barbados 2464321922
Cliff­side Restaurant NewEdge­wa­ter Hotel Bathsheba StJoseph Barbados 2464339493
Colin’s Place Bax­ters Rd Bridgetown Barbados 2464263751
Coral Reef Club St James Beach Barbados 2464222372
Cork & Bot­tle Bistro 10 Pel­i­can Vlge Bridgetown Barbados 2464265674
Cou­ples Bar & Restau­rant Ltd Airy Hill St George Barbados 2464360567
Court­yard Caterers Brighton Terr Blk Rk St Michael Barbados 2464217732
Cove Restau­rant The Atlantic Pk Cat­tle­wash St JosephBarbados 2464339495
Cro­ton Inn The Maxwell Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464287314
Daphne’s Restau­rant Paynes Bay St James Barbados 2464322731
David’s Place St Law Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464359755
De Port Hole Bar & Grill Fontabelle St Michael Barbados 2464269737
De Vine Café Chat­tel Hse Vlge H’town St JamesBarbados 2464328990
Dee Coun­try Stop Kir­tons St Philip Barbados 2464165717
Desmond’s Restau­rant City Cen­tre Bridgetown Barbados 2464376341
Desmond’s Restau­rant Sher­a­ton Mall Barbados 2464372218
Desmond’s Restau­rant Bax­ters Rd St Michael Barbados 2464363576
D’onofrio’s Crane Res­i­den­tial Resort Crane St PhilipPBX Barbados 2464236220
East Moon Chi­nese Cui­sine & Bar Road View St Peter Barbados 2464224739
Eddie’s Deli Bolton Ln Bridgetown Barbados 2464365528
Elbow Room Bar &Stone­grill Dining 2nd St H’town St James Barbados 2464321927
fEast Restau­rant Waves Hotel Prospect Bay St JamesBarbados 2464247571
Fish Net Oistins Fish­ing Com­plex Oistins Barbados 2464205297
Fish Pot Restau­rant The Lit­tle Good Har­bour Sher­mans St PeterBarbados 2464392604
Fish Pot Restau­rant The   2464393000
Fish­er­man Pub & Beach Bar S’town St Peter Barbados 2464222703
Flash-N-Bar Restaurant Pil­grim Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464207134
Flindt To Go Cave Shep­herd W’thing Christ ChurchBarbados 2462283839
Fly­ing Rab­bit Restau­rant & Bar Kendal Sport­ing Car­ring­ton St PhilipBarbados 2464375591
Food & Fine Fash­ion By Isabelle 68 Roe­buck St Bridgetown Barbados 2464263758
Fusion Restau­rant &Lounge Inc South Beach Hotel Rock­ley Christ ChurchBarbados 2464361538
Gar­den Restau­rant & Bar Clarkes Rd 1 Der­ricks St James Barbados 2464328866
Go 4 Food   2464212328
Golden China Restaurant Quay­side Cen­tre Rock­ley Christ ChurchBarbados 2464359660
Good Choice Chi­nese Restaurant Golden View Con­dos Sun­set Crest StJames Barbados 2464328249
Good Choice Chi­nese Restaurant St Lawrence Christ Church Barbados 2464287190
Grab N Go Grant­ley Adams Int’l Air­port Extn 4634Barbados 2464287101
Grand Plan Chi­nese Restaurant Church St S’town St Peter Barbados 2464223149
Grannys Oistins Christ Church Barbados 2464283838
Grannys Office 2464189773
Grille The Need­hams Point St Michael Barbados 2464260200
Gril­li­cious Sher­a­ton Mall Christ Church Barbados 2464347455
Groots Bar & Restaurant Trents St James Barbados 2464327435
Guang Dong Chi­nese Restau­rant & Bar The Stream 3rd Ave Wor­thing ChristChurch Barbados 2464357387
Guang Dong Chi­nese Restau­rant & Bar War­rens Indus Pk Barbados 2464217843
Gussy’s Grill Hut One Accord Plaza War­rens St MichaelBarbados 2464240199
Har­le­quin Restaurant St Lawrence Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464207677
Hilton Bar­ba­dos    
Ho Kwong Chi­nese Restaurant Dacostas Mall Broad St BridgetownBarbados 2464310014
Ho Kwong Chi­nese Restaurant Super Cen­tre Com­plex War­rens StMichael Barbados 2464210656
Hong Fa Chi­nese Restaurant Fairchild St Bridgetown Barbados 2462282931
Ideal Restau­rant Broad St St Michael Barbados 2462272140
Il Forno Ristorante-Pizzeria Sher­a­ton Mall Barbados 2464262496
Il Tem­pio Ital­ian Restaurant Sandy Moore Fitts Vlge St JamesBarbados 2464170057
Indian Grill (Roti Shop) Bay­side Plaza Bay St St Michael Barbados 2464362361
Island Grill Lanterns Mall Hstgs Christ ChurchBarbados 2462710147
IV Play Deli 2 Sher­a­ton Cen­tre Christ Church Barbados 2464372099
Jac’s Pizza & Sports Bar Checker Hall St Lucy Barbados 2464398570
Jade Gar­den Chi­nese Restaurant St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464282759
Jenn’s Cook Shop 74 Roe­buck St B”town Barbados 2462281720
John­son L F Johno’s Snackette Bax­ters Rd St Michael Barbados 2464265796
June­Flower Restaurant C’more Rk St Michael Barbados 2464272286
Just Grillin’ Quay­side Cen­tre Christ Church Barbados 2464356469
Just Grillin’ Hole­town St James Barbados 2464325410
Just Stop Restaurant 82 Dover Gdns Christ Church Barbados 2464208210
Karibu Paynes Bay St James Barbados 2464322298
Kathy’s Paynes Bay St James BB 24009Barbados 2464194200
Ken­tucky Fried Chicken (B’dos) Ltd Reg­is­tered Ofc Hadley Hse Hincks StBarbados 2464260722
Kingston 10 Bay­side Plaza Bay St St Michael Barbados 2462289838
Kingston 10 Annex 1 Sher­a­ton Mall Christ ChurchBarbados 2464349273
Kozzy Bar & Restaurant Casa Grande St Philip Barbados 2464162270
La Bouche Wine Bar And Restaurant Orange St S’town St Peter Barbados 2464220047
La Touché Snackette Nel­son St Bridgetown Barbados 2464265895
Lake Gar­dens Chi­nese Restau­rant & Bar 1st Fl 1 Inde­pen­dence Sq BridgetownBarbados 2464368500
Lanterns by John Hazzard Maxwell Coast Rd Christ ChurchBarbados 2464202443
L’azure Restau­rant Crane Res­i­den­tial Resort Crane St PhilipPBX Barbados 2464236220
Lexy Piano Bar & Japan­ese Restaurant 2nd St H’town St James Barbados 2464325399
Light­house Ter­race Hilton Barbados Need­hams Point St Michael Barbados 2464260200
Lit­tle Arches Hotel Enter­prise Beach Christ Church Barbados 2464204689
Lob­ster Alive & Limited Wes­ley Hse Bay St Bridgetown Tel/FaxBarbados 2464350305
Lone Star Restau­rant &Hotel Mt Stand­fast St James ReservationsBarbados 2464190599
Lone Star Restau­rant &Hotel Accounts Bar­ba­dos 2464221617
Luck R Chi­nese Restaurant Tri­dent Hse Bridgetown Barbados 2464298619
Lucky For­tune Chi­nese Restau­rant & Bar Palm Plaza Wildey St Michael Barbados 2464376685
Lucky Horse­shoe Saloon & Steakhouse Wor­thing Christ Church Barbados 2464355825
Lucky Horse­shoe Saloon & Steakhouse War­rens St Michael Barbados 2464255825
Lucky Horse­shoe Saloon & Steakhouse Bagatelle Great House Bagatelle StThomas Barbados 2464215825
Luigi’s Ital­ian Restaurant Dover Woods Christ Church Barbados 2464289218
Lunch Zone Restaurant 1st Fl Dacostas Mall Broad St Barbados 2464310034
M M M — I Like I Like Chapel St behind Tri­dent Hse BridgetownBarbados 2464290318
Maas Café The Hen­ley Hse Upton St Michael Barbados 2464264162
Mama Mia Ital­ian Deli &Pizzeria Hast­ings Main Rd Harts Gap ChristChurch Barbados 2464343354
Mango’s By The Sea Restaurant Speight­stown St Peter Barbados 2464220704
Mantra Restau­rant &Lounge Hole­town St James Barbados 2464321125
Mar­ket­five Island Inn Hotel Aquatic Gap Gar­risonSt Michael Barbados 2464361485
Mar­way Snack­ette And Bar Charles Row Bridge St George Barbados 2464271069
Mayflower Chi­nese Restaurant Prince William Henry St BridgetownBarbados 2464264734
McBride’s Pub &Cookhouse St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464207646
Mews Restau­rant The 2nd Street H’town St James Barbados 2464321122
Mojo Wor­thing Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464359008
Mul­li­gans Bars &Restaurants Rock­ley Golf Club Rock­ley Christ ChurchBarbados 2464261211
Mullins Restau­rant Mullins St Peter Barbados 2464222044
Mus­co­v­ado Bar &Restaurant Hast­ings Christ Church Barbados 2462280900
Mustor’s Har­bour Bar &Restaurant McGre­gor St Bridgetown Barbados 2464265175
Naniki Restau­rant Lush Life Nature Resort Suri­name StJoseph Barbados 2464331300
Naru Restau­rant &Lounge The Shak Shak Com­plex Hast­ings ChristChurch Barbados 2462286278
New Cen­tury Chi­nese Restaurant St Lawrence Christ Church Barbados 2464202822
New Galaxy Chi­nese Restaurant Ran­dall Crt W’thing Christ ChurchBarbados 2464354302
New Thriv­ing The Wey­mouth Cor­po­rate Cen­tre ICBBldgR’buck St Barbados 2464291155
New Thriv­ing The   2464291156
New York Pizza All Branches Barbados 2464346969
NewEdge­wa­ter Hotel The Bathsheba St Joseph Barbados 2464339900
Nishi Restau­rant 2nd Ave H’town St James Barbados 2464328287
Nishi Restau­rant   2464322112
Norm’s & K C Restaurant 131 Roe­buck St Bridgetown Barbados 2464271517
O’Neils Can­teen War­rens Com­plex War­rens St MichaelBarbados 2464254114
OPA Restau­rant Quay­side Cen­tre Rock­ley Christ ChurchBarbados 2464351234
OPA Restau­rant Limegrove Lifestyle Cen­tre H’town StJames Barbados 2466249767
Ori­en­tal Diner & Bar Steak Hse Com­plex St Law Gap ChristChurch Barbados 2464203762
Pablo Donte’s Bar &Restaurant 3rd Ave Maxwell Coast Main Rd Barbados 2464286762
Palm Ter­race Fair­mont Royal Pavil­ion The Porters StJames Barbados 2464225555
Par­adise Pizza St Lawrence Main Rd Barbados 2464356777
Patis­serie & Bistro Flindt 1st Street H’town St James Barbados 2464322626
Paulo’s Chur­rasco Do Brasil Bagatelle St Thomas Barbados 2464216767
Paulo’s Chur­rasco Do Brasil St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464286767
Pink Star Enter­prises Ltd Bax­ters Rd St Michael Barbados 2464361612
Pisces Restau­rant St Lawrence Gap Christ ChurchBarbados 2464356564
Pita Pan Grill 1 Mate­r­ial Things Com­plex W’thing ChristChurch Barbados 2462282300
Pizza-Man-Doc Queen St S’town St Peter Barbados 2464221432
Pizza-Man-Doc 136 Roe­buck St Barbados 2464368381
Pizza-Man-Doc Bax­ters Rd Barbados 2464364571
Plan­ta­tion The­atre The St Lawrence Main Rd Christ ChurchBarbados 2464285048
Plan­ta­tion The­atre The   2464282986
Pool­side Restaurant Casa Grande St Philip Barbados 2464162276
Pool­side Restaurant   2464162277
Popives Restau­rant Inc 3 Elma’s Plaza Spoon­ers Hill St MichaelBarbados 2464214837
Pun De Grill St Lawrence Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464202423
Pure Food Café &Nutrition Chapel St Bridgetown Barbados 2464364537
R & B Vari­ety Bar & Deli Cnr Field Rd Wildey St Michael Barbados 2464364301
Raga­muffins Bar &Restaurant 1st Street H’town St James Barbados 2464321295
Ram­shackle Beach Bar &Restaurant Mount Stand­fast St James Barbados 2464221974
Rasta­fari Health Trade Cul­ture Circle Tweed­side Rd St Michael Barbados 2464318856
Red Dragon Ltd 112 Roe­buck St Bridgetown Barbados 2464367018
Red Rock Bar & Bistro The Gap St Law Christ Church Barbados 2464206445
Red Spot Bar Cnr Mar­shall Gap Bax­ters Rd Barbados 2464268270
Reg­gae Grill Hstgs Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464262142
Roti Den Paynes Bay St James Barbados 2464326030
Roti Den Wor­thing Christ Church Barbados 2462283173
Roti Hut Plus Sat­jay Bridgetown Cen­tre Barbados 2464361959
Round House Inn Restau­rant & Bar Bathsheba St Joseph Barbados 2464339678
Round Rock Bar &Restaurant Round Rk Sil­ver Sands Christ ChurchBarbados 2464287500
Ryanne’s Restau­rant 33 Broad St Bridgetown Barbados 2464361177
S J Health & Bak­ery Ltd Clevedale Rd Blk Rk St Michael Barbados 2464245264
Sand Dunes Bar &Restaurant East Coast Rd St Andrew Barbados 2464229427
Sand­piper The St James Beach PBX Barbados 2464222251
Sand­wich Platter Whitepark Rd Barbados 2464299408
Sassafras/At Sugarhill Mount Stand­fast St James Barbados 2464226644
Scar­let Paynes Bay St James Barbados 2464323663
Shaker’s Bar & Grill Brown’s Gap Rock­ley Christ ChurchBarbados 2462288855
Sitar Indian Restaurant 2nd Street H’town St James Barbados 2464322248
Sogo Plaza Upp Broad St B’twon Barbados 2464318208  
Spago Restau­rant & Bar 2nd St H’town St James Barbados 2464327394
Spago Restau­rant & Bar Restau­rant At Set­tlers Beach Barbados 2464223245
St Elmo’s Super­mar­ket Sports Bar & Bakery Moon Town St Lucy Barbados 2464391927
Steak House Grill The St Lawrence Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464287152
Sub­way Shop 14 2nd Fl Lantern Mall ChristChurch Barbados 2462710356
Sugar Cane Club Hotel &Spa May­nards StPeter Barbados 2464225026
Sun­bury Great House St Philip Barbados 2464236270
Sun­day Meals Tudor Bridge St Michael Barbados 2464259102
Super Q Restaurant Cnr Reece Rd Cheap­side BridgetownBarbados 2464365641
Surfers Café Oistins Christ Church Barbados 2464209283
Surf­side Restau­rant &Bar Hole­town St James Barbados 2464322105
Susan’s Bar &Restaurant 3 Rams­gate Bay St St Michael Barbados 2464352403
Sweet Pota­toes St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464207668
Sylvester’s Restau­rant Har­bour Ind Pk St Michael Barbados 2464360488
T G I Friday’s The Pavil­lion Hstgs Christ ChurchBarbados 2464368443
T N T Bar­beque Hut Uni­ver­sity Dr St Michael Barbados 2464248620
T N T Bar­beque Hut Marhill St Barbados 2464348620
Tab­o­ras Restaurant Fair­mont Royal Pavil­ion The Porters StJames Barbados 2464225555
Tai Pan Chi­nese Restaurant Fontabelle St Michael Barbados 2464355338
Tam­nak Thai Restaurant More­cambe Hse Wor­thing Christ ChurchBarbados 2464355446
Tapas Keswick Cen­tre Hstgs Main Rd ChristChurch Barbados 2462280704
Terasu Kafe Rock­ley Main Rd Christ Church Barbados 2464352600
TG’s Bar & Restaurant Dover Christ Church Barbados 2462599345
The Chat­tle House Bar &Grill Road­view St Peter Barbados 2464223943
The Dragon Head Sports Bruce Alley Mag­a­zine Ln BridgetownBarbados 2464350584
The Gar­den Terrace St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados 2464287171
The Sul­tan Restaurant 102nd Fl Lanterns At Hstgs ChristChurch Barbados 2462710363
Thirty Nine Steps Wine Bar Chat­tel Plaza Hstgs Christ ChurchBarbados 2464270715
Tides Restau­rant The Bal­more Hse H’town St James Barbados 2464328356
Tijuana’s Hot Meals Sharon St Thomas Barbados 2464243025
Tim’s On The Highway Spring Gdn St Michael Barbados 2464261799
Tim’s Restau­rant Tudor St Bridgetown Barbados 2464279281
Tim’s Restau­rant Sogo Plaza Upp Broad St B’twon Barbados 2462280645
Tim’s Restau­rant   2464318208
Tony’s Restau­rant Inc 18 Clapham Pk St Michael Barbados 2464360240
Trafal­gar Restaurant Spry St Bridgetown Barbados 2464362517
Tyrone’s Deli & Cater­ing Service One Accord Mall War­rens St MichaelBarbados 2464248154
Upper Deck Chi­nese Restaurant Top Fl Mall 34 Broad St Barbados 2464362268
Upper Deck Chi­nese Restaurant Dottin’s Alley Marhill St Barbados 2464297232
V’s Bajan Cui­sine &Healthy Eating Fairchild St Bridgetown Barbados 2464363627
Wadani’s Bar &Restaurant Doris Pl S’town St Peter Barbados 2464224692
Water­front Café The Careenage Bridgetown Reser­va­tions Barbados 2464270093
Water­side Restaurant St Law Gap Christ Church Barbados  
Weiser’s On the Bay Bran­dons Beach St Michael Barbados 2464256450

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