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BarbBuisness Section Fotolia 48664923 XSados is an ideal location for conferences and events, whether you organize your business event yourself or you enlist a destinations management company to work out the details for you. Excellent communications services and world-class business facilities ensure that whatever your desire, conducting your business will always be a breeze.

See the basics on conducting business in Barbados below. 


Banks open from 8:00am to 3:00pm Monday – Thursday, 8:00am to 5:00pm on Friday and are closed on all National Holidays. Conversely you can easily use your credit card at most businesses islandwide or withdraw up to $500 USD per day at hundreds of ATM Machines. ATM machines can be found islandwide outside banks or at most 24hr gas stations. 

Barbados is home to more than 40 reputable offshore banks and financial institutions whose services and offerings are easily of an international standard.

Exchange Rates:
The US dollar typically has an exchange rate of $1.00 US - $1.98 BDS dollars (roughly two to 1). Major credit cards and US dollars are accepted islandwide. Traveler’s checks in U.S., U.K. and Canadian funds can also be used at many outlets.

Popular financial institutions in Barbados are as follows:

Barbados Public Workers Co-Operative Credit Union - T: 246-430-5200

Barbados Workers' Union Co-Operative Credit Union - T: 246-436-5900

CIBC First Caribbean International Bank - T: 246-367-2300

CIBC Offshore Banking Services - T: 246-376-2400

City Of Bridgetown Co-Operative Credit Union - T: 246-430-5900

First Citizens Bank - T: 246-431-4500

Republic Bank - T: 246-431-5700

Royal Bank Of Canada - T: 246-467-4000

Scotiabank - T: 246-431-3140


The Barbados customs department must clear all cargo imported into Barbados. However the specifications and regulations on importing items changes from product to product.  For the import of specialty items, containers etc., it is best to acquire a customs broker to assist in preparing the documents to clear your property. Items such as boxes and barrels can be managed without a broker.


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In Barbados, real estate opportunities for renters, buyers and investors await. Barbados’ architectural topography is dotted with lovely coral stone plantation houses, chattel homes, beach front villas, luxury condos and palatial mansions set on sprawling grounds, with stunning views. Additionally, several investment opportunities await dreamers and those with the vision or the financial means.